• Basalt Stones for Geothermal Therapy

    Basalt Stones for Geothermal Therapy

    Sacrum stone
    Trigger Point stone
    X large stone
    Large stone
    Medium stone
    Small stone
    Face stone
    Set of 10 toe stones

    More details

    Ref. 10104 Sacrum Stone

    Ref. 10105 Trigger Point Stone

    Ref. 10106 X Large Stone

    Ref. 10107 Large Stone

    Ref. 10108 Medium Stone

    Ref. 10109 Small Stone

    Ref. 10110 Face Stone

    Ref. 10111 Set 10 Toe Stones

    Ref. 10103 Set of 35 stones contains:
    1 Sacrum
    1 Trigger Point
    3 X Large
    6 Large
    6 Medium
    4 Small
    4 Face
    1 set of 10 Toe Stones

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