EXCLUSIVAS TECNICO MEDICAS, S.L. (ETECMED) has as main goal, to collaborate with the professional development of the aesthetics, bringing in the market products of contrasted quality that promote the work of the professionals.

The experience in the market, of ETECMED members, motivates the foundation of this company with a will of duty and respect for all those collaborating in this sector.

ETECMED shares its catalogue of products to the professional through the distributors of the sector, allowing more agility of prompt information contribution of the equipment to the user.

The will on duty is the characteristic feature that we aim to differentiate us and be considered for the entire sector.

ETECMED adds its guarantee to the manufacturer’s to which we represent as a signal of appointment towards the product as well as towards its custom

The prestige of the companies that we represent and of the distributors that present our products to the professionals is a very important value that generates a lot of respect for us.

Our catalogue, although modest in the amount of articles, offers quality with objective prices and with a constant evolution towards where the professional keeps on directing us with its needs.

Every suggestion is welcome and grateful in our will for offering our customers the best service.